BTS’ Suga’s unknown facts and hottest pics

BTS ARMY, today, we will have a dekko at the second eldest Bangtan member, Suga's hottest pics and some interesting and unknown facts. So, if you are a baby ARMY keep going...

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BTS Suga's birthday, sun sign

Suga aka Min Yoongi was born on 9th March 1993. His sun sign is Piscean. People with Pisces as their sun sign are very creative, highly generous and psychic.

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BTS Suga's clothing style

Suga has exceptionally pale skin. The rapper and record maker once revealed that he likes to wear full-sleeved shirts and tees in all seasons. Imagine, before shifting to the dorm, he would sleep naked!

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BTS Suga hates...

Suga is not fond of cold. He doesn't like cold places even cold waterbodies. He hates getting wet in the pool. Y'all would have seen that in BTS In the Soop.

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BTS Suga's take on BS&T

Suga aka Min Yoongi feels Blood Sweat & Tears' choreography was too erotic for him. Well, Yoongi stans love to see the hotter version of you, Suga.

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BTS Suga's nicknames

Yoongi has a lot of nicknames. He is called Lil meow meow, Jjang-jjang-man-boong-boong (best best man), Minstradamus and Min Slug (because he likes to lie down all the time). Back in his school, he was called Motionless Min.

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Suga's other aspirations

Suga aka Min Yoongi once revealed that when he was a child, he wanted to be a firefighter. Later, he was interested in pursuing architecture. Thank God, he got into music making and turned underground rapper.

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BTS Suga's audition

Suga performed at Big Hit's Hit It Rap audition in 2010. And he was placed 2nd! He reportedly lost to i11evn (Choi Lkje) and yet bagged a place in BTS.

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BTS Suga had a girlfriend

Yes, you read that right. Min Yoongi reportedly had a girlfriend before he joined Big Hit as a trainee.

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BTS Suga as an underground rapper

Before joining BTS as a rapper and Big Hit as a trainee he was an underground rapper and went by the stage name Gloss.

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