BTS: Goofy, adorable nicknames of Bangtan Boys

BTS ARMY, if you are new to the Bangtan Boys' world, we are here with the cutest, adorable and goofiest nicknames of the Bangtan Boys - RM, Jin, Suga, J-Hope, Jimin, Taehyung and Jungkook.

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Jin's nicknames 

BTS' eldest member Jin aka Kim Seokjin is the goofiest of the lot. He usually boasts about his name Worldwide Handsome. He is also known as Pink Princess, Eomma (Mom), Jinnie, Seokjinnie, etc. 

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Suga's nicknames 

Min Yoongi is called a lot of names such as Lil meow meow, Yoognles, Yoongs, Shookga, Min Genius, Min Suga and more. He was called motionless min in his school. 

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J-Hope's nicknames 

J-Hope's most popular nickname is Hobi. He is also called sunshine Hobi, J-Dope, J-Horse, J-Kill, and Golden Hyung to name a few. 

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RM's nicknames 

RM aka Kim Namjoon is mostly known as God of Destruction because he keeps breaking stuff. RM is also called RipMon (ripping clothes), Joonie, Namjoonie, RapMon and Monie to name a few. 

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Jimin's nicknames

Jimin aka Park Jimin is the cutest member of BTS. He has a lot of nicknames such as Chimchim, Dooly, Ddochi, Mochi, Baby Mochi, Mini, Little Prince, Jiminie, etc.

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Taehyung's nicknames

BTS V aka Kim Taehyung has a lot of nicknames too. He is known as visual king, Tae, TaeTae, Taehyungie, Gucci Boy, Baby Bear, Winter Bear, Tae Bear, Gucci Prince, Vante, CGV, etc.

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Jungkook's nicknames 

Jungkook is most commonly known as the Golden Maknae of BTS for being the best at everything. He is also called JK, Kookie, and Koo to name a few. 

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BTS members and their adorable nicknames 

What do you have to say about BTS members' nicknames? Which one's your favourite of each of the BTS members? Do you have any nicknames for the boys? 

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