Deepika's eating habits 

Check out Deepika Padukone's eating habits here...

Shivani Pawaskar

Source: Bollywood

Meal plan 

The gorgeous beauty prefers six small meals a day...

Source: Bollywood

Energy booster 

Deepika begins her day with lukewarm water, honey and lemon juice.

Source: Bollywood


Deepika loves south dishes like Idli, Dosa or egg whites and low-fat milk. 

Source: Bollywood


Deepika's favourite meal is Rasam rice. 

Source: Bollywood

Last meal 

Deepika's last meal consists of salad and grille fish...

Source: Bollywood


 Deepika loves filter coffee. 

Source: Bollywood


When in Mumbai Deepika loves to savour Pani Puri.

Source: Bollywood


Deepika is also fond of fries and burgers.

Source: Bollywood


Deepika loves chocolate cakes, and ice cream with chocolate sauce on it. 

Source: Bollywood

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