Cirkus star Pooja Hegde's skincare routine is easy and simple to follow

Do you know how Cirkus actress Pooja Hegde manages to get a glow on her face? This is the skincare regime she follows, which you must bookmark.

Siddhi Chatterjee

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Wash your face

The actress is lazy but the first thing that she does when she wakes up in the morning is washes her face.

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Put a moisturiser

Pooja believes in applying a moisturiser after she washes her face and does this in the morning.

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Face wash

Pooja does not leave her home without her face wash and swears by this skincare product.

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Face pack

After she is done with her shooting she applies a face pack which helps in her skin being hydrated.

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Removes makeup

The Ala Vaikunthapurramloo star never sleeps without removing her makeup. She never breaks this rule.

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Pampers her skin

The Cirkus star likes to use haldi and malai as a homemade face pack for her skin. She likes to use natural ingredients.

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Reportedly, when the actress is not shooting she prefers to not apply makeup and let her skin breathe.

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Eats desi ghee

As per a report by Asianet, the actress likes to eat desi ghee which adds glow to her skin.

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This is one of the most important and everyday essential for the star. She uses the same while shooting.

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Importance of sunscreen

Pooja does not like to get tanned and believes that sunscreen protects her from the same.

Source: Bollywood

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