Priyanka Chopra's embarassing moments

These embarrassing yet funny pictures of Priyanka Chopra went viral on social media.

Nikita Thakkar

Source: Bollywood

Pulling a puppy face?

Looks like Priyanka Chopra was trying to be all cute here.

Source: Bollywood

Have a cold?

Priyanka's weird moment caught on camera.

Source: Bollywood

Scene gone wrong

This picture went viral from the sets of Isn't It Romantic.

Source: Bollywood

Being goofy

Priyanka Chopra surely was trying to pull a funny face here.

Source: Bollywood

A oops moment!

Priyanka Chopra's oops moment got caught on camera.

Source: Bollywood

Another oops!

Priyanka Chopra suffered an oops moment while having a hearty laugh.

Source: Bollywood

Say 'Ooooo...'

Priyanka's funny candid moment was captured on camera.

Source: Bollywood

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