Food lover

Here's all you need to know about Salman Khan's food habits.

Nikita Thakkar

Source: Bollywood

Fitness freak

Salman Khan is a fitness freak and diet plays an important role in staying fit.

Source: Bollywood


As per reports, Salman Khan has four white eggs and milk as breakfast.

Source: Bollywood


Salman Khan loves home-cooked people and has high protein food like Mutton, fried fish and more.

Source: Bollywood


Chicken, fish, vegetables and soup make for Salman's dinner.

Source: Bollywood

Meals cooked by mom

Who does not like Maa Ke Haath ka khana? Salman is no exception.

Source: Bollywood

Grass lover

If nothing, Salman is capable of eating grass too.

Source: Bollywood

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