Rashmika Mandanna's Fitness Tips

How does the Animal actress keeps herself fit? What are the things she swears by for fitness? Let's find out...

Shivani Pawaskar

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In a video, Rashmika revealed that she drinks a glass of celery juice every day!

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Fitness routine 

There are different styles of workouts. Rashmika is into kickboxing and spinning.

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Workout regime 

The Mission Majnu actress also does some weight training every couple of days. 

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Dietary control 

Well, you don't have to go on a diet per se. One can watch how much they eat and still be able to keep fit. 

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Changes in workouts

Hitting the gym is not the only option to keep fit. Rashmika also does yoga, goes on walks, dances and even swims to keep fit. 

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Minimalistic breakfast such as oats and green tea works wonders for Rashmika. 

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Building strength 

What better way to build your core than push-ups? Rashmika swears by push-ups...

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Building flexiblity 

Stretching and flexing your body work wonders. 

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It is an intangible aspect but one of the most important ones... 

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