Tree pose

The diva was seen taking a challenge and doing Vasisthasana aka the Tree pose. It is indeed a difficult yoga pose.

Siddhi Chatterjee

Source: Bollywood

Zen mode

The actress was relaxing herself as she sat on a yoga mat with legs folded and was seen focusing on her breathing.

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Meditative pose

Kareena was seen doing meditation which helps her keep herself calm.

Source: Bollywood

Free your mind

Every morning Kareena likes to begin her day with yoga. She likes to do asanas which increases her flexibility.

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The actress was seen practicing her agility on a yoga mat with total ease and comfort.

Source: Bollywood


Kareena was seen doing the dancer's pose or Natarajasana under the guidance of her yoga instructor Anushka.

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Pre-natal yoga

The actress had done pre-natal yoga which kept her fit during her pregnancy journey.

Source: Bollywood

Stretching pose

The actress is seen striking a cool pose as she does a few stretching exercise.

Source: Bollywood

Art of balancing

The actress was seen balancing her body on one leg and was doing a pretty difficult yoga pose.

Source: Bollywood

Back workout

The actress like to do yoga asanas which strengthen her back muscles. Now we know the secret behind her toned back.

Source: Bollywood

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