Kareena Kapoor Khan's Top 10 confessions about Taimur, Jeh and Saif

Kareena Kapoor is not only a brilliant actress she is also a doting mom to two kids. In her recent interviews, she made some confessions. Read on

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Source: Bollywoodlife.com | Mar 18, 2023

Kind kids

Kareena Kapoor told her husband Saif that she wants her boys to be kind

Source: Bollywoodlife.com

Sharing parenting duties

Saif and Kareena take turns looking after their kids, Taimur and Jeh

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Loves being Housewife

Kareena enjoys she loves being a housewife and taking care of her home.

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Toddler Tantrum

Jeh is just two years and he is in screaming phase and Bebo confessed doing walking yoga every morning after him

Source: Bollywoodlife.com

Doesn’t follow ideal mother tips

Kareena Kapoor recently revealed that she doesn't follow the blueprint of being a mom on how to be a parent.

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Jeh's RRR Naatu Naatu obsession

Jeh doesn’t eat anything until Naatu Naatu song from RRR is played

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Taimur helps with house chores

Bebo loves doing house chores and asks Taimur to help her lay the table

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Lessons on being together

Kareena asks her kids to watch when she or Saif is cooking and learn to work and stay together

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Saif stayed away from hospital

She revealed that during pregnancy Saif Ali Khan had not stayed one night with her in the hospital.

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