Katrina Kaif has the best skin in Bollywood and these Top 10 pics are proof

Katrina Kaif is ageing like a fine wine. Her skin is flawless and makes her look ageless. Here, these snaps are a proof of the same. Check it out.

Siddhi Chatterjee

Source: Bollywoodlife.com | Jan 13, 2023


Katrina does not like to sleep without cleansing her face. She likes to remove all makeup and impurities from her skin before sleeping.

Source: Bollywoodlife.com


The actress likes to moisturise and hydrate her skin before she hits the bed.

Source: Bollywoodlife.com

Face cleansing lotion

Katrina likes to use a face cleansing lotion during the day time and never lets her skin feel dull.

Source: Bollywoodlife.com

Illuminate your face

Katrina likes to use a primer which acts as a moisturiser to the skin before she begins her makeup.

Source: Bollywoodlife.com

Colour corrector

The actress likes to use the same, which helps in covering dark circles and spots on the skin.

Source: Bollywoodlife.com

Mud masks

The diva likes to use mud masks made out of different minerals which helps in soothing her skin.

Source: Bollywoodlife.com

Body massages

The actress likes to indulge in body massages which helps her skin get the different nutrients.

Source: Bollywoodlife.com

Hydrating foundation

The star loves to use a hydrating foudation that helps in the skin being smooth, pump and healthy.

Source: Bollywoodlife.com

Musin cloth

The actress before putting makeup on her face puts ice in a muslin cloth and applies on her face.

Source: Bollywoodlife.com


Katrina likes to sunscreens and never leaves her home without applying the same.

Source: Bollywoodlife.com

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