Alia Bhatt

The popular actress is known for her versatility and never-ending charm... 

Shivani Pawaskar

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Hairstyle inspo from Alia Bhatt

Alia has a short crop and she styles them stunning. Here's a dekko at the same for some inspo... 

Source: Bollywood

Bun in a knot 

A non-classic bun for a corporate meet to add style...

Source: Bollywood

Braided knot 

 A knot in the braid style with a rose to go with it is perfect for family occasions. 

Source: Bollywood

Comfy look 

Enjoying a warm summer morning over a cuppa on vacay in a woolly headband. 

Source: Bollywood

A ponytail 

Who says one cannot dish out boss lady vibes in a ponytail? 

Source: Bollywood

Finnish braid 

A messy braid with some loose strands cutting the face for a get-together with friends, colleagues, family...

Source: Bollywood

Waterfall braid

Classic braid hairstyle for both western and Indian attire...

Source: Bollywood

A floral princess

Rolling the partings from the sides and tie it behind and you're a princess... 

Source: Bollywood


The chic girl braid on top of the head is perfect for date nights...

Source: Bollywood

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