Pathaan: Shah Rukh Khan's Top 10 fitness secrets for the action film

Shah Rukh Khan is soaring high post the success of Pathaan. Here's the diet he followed which made him look sexy, lean and a hottie in the movie.

Siddhi Chatterjee

Source: | Jan 29, 2023

Small meals

The star ate in smaller quantities so that his calorie intake was in check.


Heavy training

King Khan reportedly did a lot of heavy training for Pathaan.


Small intake

SRK ate in small quantities so that his metabolism rate would increase.


Combination workout

SRK did strength training, cardio and rehabilitation exercises together.


45 minutes

The actor reportedly worked out in the gym for more than 45 minutes.


Balanced meal

SRK ate food that were rich in proteins and also included carbs in his diet.


SRK's lunch

The actor loved eating lentils, eggs and meat which helped in protein building.


Working out

Despite being the busiest star, he removes time for his workouts and did the same late in the evening.


Post workout

The actor never misses his protein shakes which helps his muscles recover.


No sugar

The actor removed sugar from his diet but did eat fruits as he loves the same.


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