Poonam Pandey is a bikini bombshell

Poonam Pandey Instagram is filled with some sexy bikini pictures. Check out the pics here...

Murtuza Iqbal

Source: Bollywood

Oh So Hot!

Poonam can surely set the screens on fire.

Source: Bollywood

Mirror Selfie

This is undoubtedly the hottest mirror selfie that we have seen.

Source: Bollywood

Wanna Swing!

Only Poonam can think of going on a swing while earing a bikini.

Source: Bollywood

Perfect Style

Poonam Pandey surely knows how to carry the bikini look with the swag.

Source: Bollywood

Hottest Jungle!

Poonam can make even a jungle look hot.

Source: Bollywood

The Expression

Hotness is not just about clothes, but even an actress' expressions can do wonders.

Source: Bollywood

Bikini Treat

Poonam Pandey's Instagram is a treat for her fans.

Source: Bollywood

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