Suhana Khan's luscious long mane 

Birthday girl Suhana is a Rapunzel in real life... 

Shivani Pawaskar

Source: Bollywood


Suhana has got them looks and genes from Shah Rukh and Gauri! 

Source: Bollywood

Long mane 

Suhana's long hair is one of the most amazing things about her personality...

Source: Bollywood


Suhana can just let her hair loose and unkempt and she'd still look gorgeous...

Source: Bollywood

Party girl 

Suhana loves partying. She also loves to experiment with her hair...

Source: Bollywood

Wavy and curvy 

Here's Suhana Khan flaunting her curves and her wavy hair...

Source: Bollywood

Morning sunshine 

Uff, only if we looked like this in the early morning! 

Source: Bollywood

Happy birthday Suhana Khan 

Send in your wishes to the gorgeous The Archies actress... 

Source: Bollywood

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