Top 10 best zombie movies on OTT

There are a few zombie movies which you cannot miss to watch. If you are planning to binge watch good films over the upcoming weekend, then take a look at these zombie films.

Siddhi Chatterjee

Source: | Dec 06, 2022

All of Us Are Dead

Avaialible on Netflix the zombie series showcases a zombie virus being created which spread in school. How trapped students fight their way out is interesting.


Resident Evil

Watch this science finctin on Netflix. What happens when there is a virus outbreak and people turn into zombies. The series showcase what people do to survive.


Zombie Detective

The human comedy series is about a zombie and a writer who want to solve a case. You can watch the same on Netflix.


Train to Busan

It is a pretty famous zombie Korean movie. The 2016 movie was about a zombie virus breaking down when passengers travelled from Seoul to Busan in a train. You can watch the movie on Amazon Prime Video.


Army Of The Dead

You can watch it on Netflix. It is about zombies ruling the world and making an army of their own.



You can watch Rose Mclver's movie ion Netflix. The story is about a doctor finding that being a zombie has an advantage. She helps the police with the same.



Aahana Kumra's Betaal on Netflix is all about an East India Company soldier and his gang of zombies who attacks modern-day people in a village.


Go Goa Gone

You can watch Saif Ali Khan's zombie comedy on MX Player. A squad of friends are looking to have a great time on an island in Goa. They find that the island has zombies.


Rise of the Zombie

You can watch Luke Kenny's directed film on Amazon Prime Video. The story is about a workaholic wildlife photographer who witnesses weird changes.


Zombie Reddy

You can watch Teja Sajja's Zombie Reddy on Voot. The horror comedy film is about Mario, who is a game developer. He has to escape from a zombie apocalypse in Rayalaseema.


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