TOP 10 times Rashmika Mandanna stole hearts with her gorgeous smile 

We bet you would not be able to take your eyes off Rashmika Mandanna's gorgeous smile. Here are TOP 10 moments of Rashmika Mandanna smiling... 

Shivani Pawaskar

Source: | Jan 10, 2023

On set smile 

When you love what you do the most, the content smile. 


Flirty smile

Rashmika Mandanna can flirt just with her expressions. 


Geeky smile 

Did you know Rashmika Mandanna has a geeky side to her as well?


Glam smile 

When you know you are dressed up for the occasion and it's perfect! 


Order smile 

That smile when you get the notification that your order is out for delivery. Rashmika gives out that vibe, no?


Inner beauty smile

When you are feeling pretty and you know it. That charming smile on Rashmika Mandanna's lips.


Fans wali smile 

When your fans cheer you up at the event, the grateful wali smile. Rashmika Mandanna has a huge fan base. 


New Year's smile 

Did you know Rashmika Mandanna came live to chat with her lovelies during New Year's Eve? 


Healthy smile

When you are working towards your own fitness. Rashmika Mandanna is an inspiration! 


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