Uorfi Javed's hottest bikini pictures

Uorfi Javed is one of the hottest TV actresses, and her bikini pictures are proof...

Murtuza Iqbal

Source: Bollywood

Uorfi Javed's perfect pose

Uorfi Javed surely knows how to pose in a bikini.

Source: Bollywood

Uorfi Javed's cute smile

Bikini + the cute smile, Uorfi will steal your hearts.

Source: Bollywood

Uorfi Javed's viral picture

This picture of Uorfi Javed from a beach had gone viral.

Source: Bollywood

Uorfi Javed - The Seductress

Uorfi Javed surely knows how to give the perfect expression while clicking hot picture.

Source: Bollywood

Uorfi Javed in black bikini

Black colour never looked so hot earlier.

Source: Bollywood

Uorfi Javed looks hot in a bikini

Uorfi Javed looks so hot in a bikini that she can give B-Town actresses a run for their money.

Source: Bollywood

Uorfi Javed's flower-full bikini

After having a look at this picture of Uorfi, we just want to say, 'Flower samjhe kya, fire hai main'.

Source: Bollywood

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