Throwback: Malaika Arora forgot to wear her pants

Did you know that Malaika Arora had once exited a restaurant bathroom without her pants?

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Source: Bollywood

When Malaika Arora forgot to wear her pants

It happened during the thick of the COVID-19 pandemic and because of COVID-19 protocols.

Source: Bollywood

Why Malaika Arora forgot to wear her pants?

In Malaika Arora’s own words, the COVID-19 protocols confused her so that she forgot her pants.

Source: Bollywood

Malaika Arora recollects the incident

Malaika Arora had opened the door with her elbow and then raised the toilet seat with her foot.

Source: Bollywood

Malaika Arora elaborates further

Malaika then turned on the tap with a tissue paper and exited the loo after washing her hands.

Source: Bollywood

The moment Malaika Arora forgot to wear her pants

She was so engrossed in the pandemic procedures that wearing her pants skipped her mind.

Source: Bollywood

Malaika Arora did not remember to wear her pants until later

Malaika Arora then returned to her table and sat down without pants, not realising until later.

Source: Bollywood

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