Rupali Ganguly's secret to healthy skin

Rupali Ganguly is one of the prominent faces in the Indian television industry. She is currently seen as Anupamaa in Anupamaa. Rupali has her share of beauty secrets. Let's check out   

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Learn from Anupamaa

So, how does Rupali Ganguly keep her skin healthy and fresh after working for so long every day? Well, we are here with six tips from Anupamaa actress. 

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Rupali loves to stay hydrated 

Rupali Ganguly believes in keeping oneself hydrated at all times and it is a nourishment for him and helps it in glowing. Apart from drinking water, the actress also consumes coconut water and fresh fruit juices. 

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Rupali believes in cleansing 

Cleansing is the most important thing in skincare. Rupali is an actress and hence she has to maintain clear, clean skin. The actress uses milk which helps in nourishing the skin better. 

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Rupali's weapons of protection 

Protecting one's skin from harmful substances is an essential thing to do. Rupali Ganguly swears by using good moisturizer and sunscreen to keep the skin hydrated and the harmful rays at bay. 

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Actress Rupali Ganguly's most IMP tip 

Being an actress Rupali has to use a lot of make-up almost every day. She carried the make-up for long hours too. The actress says that it is very important to get off all the make-up before going to bed. The face should be clean and hydrated using a cream or a moisturizer before hitting the bed. 

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Rupali's tips to pamper skin 

Apart from keeping the skin hydrated and moisturized, there are things such as pampering and treatment. Rupali believes in homemade masks which consist of Multani mitti, milk and honey. 

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A healthy diet is a must, says Rupali 

Last but not the least, Rupali Ganguly says that it's important to have a healthy diet for clear skin. She stays away from oily food and includes loads of greens and veggies in her diet. 

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