Anupamaa Top twists May 26: Baa taunts Maya, Anuj-Anu part ways and more

Anupamaa starring Gaurav Khanna,Rupali Ganguly,Sudhanshu Pandey is the number one show. Major twists are coming our way.

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Source: | May 26, 2023

Anupamaa twists May 26

In Anupamaa, we will today see Anu cutting Anuj's confession in between and rushing to Gurukul.


Gurukul emergency

In Gurukul, she will get Guruma's approval to enjoy her son's wedding. Guruma will also ask her about Anuj's name on her palms.


Nakul's jealosusy

As Nakul sees Anu winning over Guruma, he gets all jealous. He then calls Anu overconfident.


Baa's taunt

At home, Baa taunts Maya and calls her 'Shaadi todnewali'.


Kavya's decision

Meanwhile, Kavya delays informing Vanraj that she is pregnant.


Ankush to Anuj's rescue

Anuj decides that he wants to meet Anu and he takes Ankush's help to escape Maya and Barkha.


Maya-Barkha stressed

Maya and Barkha get all stressed as Anuj hasn't returned home.


Vanraj scared

Vanraj also gets worried thinking what if Anuj and Anu meet.


Anu-Anuj's meet

Anuj manages to meet Anu while she is on her way back home from Gurukul.


The big reveal

Anuj finally reveals everything to Anupamaa and asks for her forgiveness.


Anu-Anuj's big decision

Despite the confession, Anuj and Anuj will go their separate ways as Anu wants to focus on herself.


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