Uorfi Javed's most dangerous looks

Uorfi Javed is known for wearing bold outfits, but a few dresses made by the actress are quite risky to wear.

Murtuza Iqbal

Source: Bollywood

Outfit with chains

Wearing an outfit with those chains is very difficult. Uorfi had also hurt herself on neck due to the outfit.

Source: Bollywood

Foil paper dress

It's quite risky to wear an outfit with foil paper.

Source: Bollywood

Outfit made with wires

Uorfi could have faced a wardrobe malfunction due to this outfit.

Source: Bollywood

Candy Floss

How can someone wear a food item on her body? We wonder how Uorfi felt while donning a candy floss outfit.

Source: Bollywood

Midriff showing outfit

Not an outfit that a girl would be comfortable wearing, but Uorfi decided to wear it.

Source: Bollywood

Broken Glasses

It's a very big risk to wear an outfit made with broken glasses. What if it injures a body part?

Source: Bollywood

Revealing Outfit

Uorfi is known for revealing outfits and only she can carry those outfits.

Source: Bollywood

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