Uorfi Javed's bizarre outfits

Uorfi Javed is known for her bold avatars, but the actress also wears some bizarre outfits.

Murtuza Iqbal

Source: Bollywood

An outfit with her pictures

Uorfi Javed is the perfect example of self-obsessed.

Source: Bollywood

Outfit made of wires

Did you ever thought of wearing an outfit made of wires? Well, Uorfi did and wore it also.

Source: Bollywood

Broken glasses

An outfit with broken glasses is not just bizarre but also risky.

Source: Bollywood

An outfit made of sack

Only Uorfi Javed can think of making an outfit with a sack.

Source: Bollywood

Uorfi's Candy Floss outfit

Bizarre or a sweet outfit? Don't know what to say about this candy floss outfit of Uorfi.

Source: Bollywood

Uorfi's flowerful bikini

A bikini made with flowers. WOW!

Source: Bollywood

Foil paper dress

That shining outfit Uorfi is wearing is made of foil paper.

Source: Bollywood

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