Hina Khan’s strict fitness routine

Have a look at how Hina Khan manages to maintain her perfectly toned body

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Regular workouts

Heavy weight lifting and stretching are a part of Hina Khan’s workout regime. It keeps her core strong

Source: Bollywood

Happy Dance

Hina Khan loves to dance and it gives her a sense of freshness throughout the day

Source: Bollywood

Vitamin D fix

Sun is the best source of Vitamin D and Hina soaks it all in

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Squats and Cardio

Runs and squats are a good way to keep the body motivated through out the day

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Being all relaxed once in a while can help the mental health be well

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Staying Hydrated

Water is a great source to have pure skin and blood

Source: Bollywood

Fresh fruits

Fresh fruits especially citrus fruits are loved by Hina Khan as they are very healthy for the body

Source: Bollywood

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