Nikki Tamboli' s most ravishing looks of all time

Nikki Tamboli has the most glamorous looks in the tv industry. Here's a look at our all all-time favorite outfits of hers

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Nikki Tamboli sizzles in Black and Beige

As fresh as the morning flower, Nikki Tamboli looks garden fresh in the black and beige piece

Source: Bollywood

Nikki Tamboli’s shimmery look

The silver crop top and pants makes Nikki shine like pearls

Source: Bollywood

Vision in White

Nikki Tamboli is a sight to behold in the white satin gown

Source: Bollywood

Nikki Tamboli’s yellow sequin

“Wake up and slay” is Nikki’s mantra

Source: Bollywood


Nikki Tamboli’s mermaid dress makes her look like a queen

Source: Bollywood

Show stopper

The black deep cut dress looks stunning as Nikki Tamboli aces it

Source: Bollywood

Nikki Tamboli looks Hot in Red

Looks like Nikki can slay all shades of Red

Source: Bollywood

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