Ram Kapoor’s brilliant transformation journey

By following some amazing fitness tips, Ram Kapoor lost around 25-30 kgs. Check it out

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Heavy exercises

Heavy weightlifting was a part of Ram’s fitness routine. He used to do it on empty stomach to get quick results

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Ram Kapoor’s cardio exercises at night before sleep helped him to reduce fats from his body and reach his goal

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Giving up normal food

Ram Kapoor used to fast for 16 hours a day and eat only green vegetables and salads. This way he cut down the fats

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Taking a break from work

Ram took a short break from work to focus on his fitness. He knew he might need some time and therefore he was off the camera for 6 months to 1 year

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Being Happy

Ram kept his mind cool and took care of his mental health as well. That also plays a huge role in weight loss

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Then and now

In the year 2019, Ram Kapoor shook the internet with his amazing transformation by sharing the picture of himself then vs now

Source: Bollywood

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