Shehnaaz Gill's weight loss journey and diet secrets

How did Shehnaaz Gill lose about 12 kgs so quickly? Here's a look at Shehnaaz's diet plan. 

Shivani Pawaskar

Source: | Nov 30, 2022

Shehnaaz Gill's weight loss and transformation 

Shehnaaz is one of the household names in the country. She rose to fame with her stint in Bigg Boss 13. 


Shehnaaz's chubby era 

Back when Shehnaaz Gill was a part of Bigg Boss 13, she was a chubby girl. Fans loved her then as well.


Shehnaaz's transformation

But with her transformation, Shehnaaz is setting the screens on fire. 


Morning ritual 

Shehnaaz revealed she would have haldi water and now, see also puts apple cider vinegar in it. 



Shehnaaz swears by sprouts, dosas or paranthas. It keeps your stomach full and is super healthy. 


Home-cooked meals 

Shehnaaz doesn't like going to the gym and instead prefers ghar ka khana. 


Cut down

Shehnaaz revealed cutting down on non-veg, chocolates and ice-creams. 


Lunch and Dinner 

Shehnaaz revealed having same things for lunch and breakfast and stopped including a lot of variety in her meals. 


Controlled intake 

Shehnaaz have controlled the proportions of her food instead of excessive diet and exercise.


Put a stopper 

Shehnaaz says diet is a mind game. She put a stop on ghee and butter in her food. 


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