Sidharth Shukla’s most famous lines from the Bigg Boss house

Sidharth Shukla is gone but not at all forgotten. Here are some of his iconic statements that are remembered by his fans

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Alone was enough

Akela hoon, khush hoon… aur akele se fat ti hai tum logo ki

Source: Bollywood

The boss

Be clear as real

Source: Bollywood

King of the house

You set the bar, I’ll raise the bar

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Ho sakta hai ki aaj hum haar jaaye par usse hum ek cheez earn kar sakte hai vo hai respect

Source: Bollywood

Friends before foes

Don’t be the version of what others want you to be, be a version of yourself

Source: Bollywood

Iconic line

Kutta paalo, Billi paalon par galatfehmi kabhi mat paalo

Source: Bollywood

Don’t mess with him

Tum nahi bhidoge to main bhi nahi bhidunga, Tum bhidoge to mein bhi nahi chodunga

Source: Bollywood

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