TejRan’s mushiest pictures

Tejasswi and Karan make for one of the loveliest couples... 

Shivani Pawaskar

Source: Bollywood


TejRan taking a bike ride and posing... 

Source: Bollywood

Hotness overload

Tejasswi-Karan share sizzling chemistry... 

Source: Bollywood

Mad in Love 

Karan and Teja never stop showing affection... 

Source: Bollywood

Craziest duo

Both are mad hatters in their own way... 

Source: Bollywood


Never stop showing love to your loved ones... 

Source: Bollywood

First Holi

TejRan has been celebrating loads of firsts... 

Source: Bollywood

Gonna stay

Participating in trends has become common... 

Source: Bollywood

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