Urfi Javed makes 10 shocking revelations about traumatic childhood

Urfi Javed is a sensation. She is known for her bold statements and not just bold fashion. She is upfront, frank and honest. And this time, she shared some shocking deets about her childhood. 

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Source: Bollywoodlife.com | Mar 14, 2023

Abusive father 

In an interview with Dirty Magazine, Urfi Javed revealed that she had a very problematic childhood. Urfi recalls living with an abusive father.  

Source: Bollywoodlife.com

Mental and Physical harassment

In an interview, Urfi shared her father would beat her mother and the children up. He would also verbally abuse them.  

Source: Bollywoodlife.com

Childhood teaching 

Urfi recalls always being taught to be presentable and look good. 

Source: Bollywoodlife.com

Fashion interest

And thereafter she generated interest in fashion. She had no knowledge about it and learned it by watching TV. 

Source: Bollywoodlife.com

Makeup interest 

Urfi Javed recalls also being interested in make-up and getting ready when things in the house turned complicated. 

Source: Bollywoodlife.com

Feel good factor 

Getting ready and dressing up made her feel good about herself and she found fashion as an escape. 

Source: Bollywoodlife.com

Financial woes 

Urfi also recalls having financial issues while growing up. Having lived without proper security, Urfi became determined to be independent and earn her own money. 

Source: Bollywoodlife.com


However, Urfi Javed's father wouldn't allow them to step outside of their homes at all. 

Source: Bollywoodlife.com

Suicide attempts

Owing to the critical circumstances and problematic childhood, Urfi revealed also attempting suicide a couple of times. 

Source: Bollywoodlife.com

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